Philosophy: Natural Selections Gardens is rooted in the philosophy that native plant material and organic gardening practices will be more sustainable in our New England environment and will draw beneficial insects and birds (pollinators) to your gardens with a diverse plant material pallet. 
Residential Design: The design process will weave your stories into the tapestry of your garden, combining old memories and creating places for new ones.
As we build and execute a project plan we'll consider memorable scents, outdoor places where you played as a child, impressions from a vacation.  What flowers were in your wedding bouquet? What are your favorite flowers to give and receive? What times of year are you celebrating in your home? Your home may have a wonderful history, and these layered connections to the past can be reflected through historic plantings, antiques, and the art of the landscape we can create.
Public Design: For public gardens, we delve into site research and collaborate with your project committee.  What used to be here, and what do we want it to be like five, ten, twenty years from now? How does this garden connect to activities and events on the property and nearby?  How can we tap into a motivated volunteer group to maintain the garden?  As demonstrated in my recent work with schools and farms, gardens can be opportunities to educate, inspire, and connect people to nature.

Why Use Native Plants?

Survival of the Fittest in New England Gardens

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