Composting - High Level Review of Why Composting is a great idea! Contact me for more info!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - The benefits of outdoor home composting:

  • Feed your flowers
  • Improve the soil structure
  • Call in the beneficial insects and microorganisms
  • Control weeds
  • Create micro-ecosystems
  • Save on refuse disposal costs
  • Lessen your environmental impact

Get started:

  • Select a location
  • Lean the ratios of greens to browns
  • Choose a form for your pile: the three bin system tends to work best for active gardeners
  • Contact Natural Selections for assistance

Best Practices of a Home Composter: A way of Life

  • Make it part of your routine
  • Involve the family
  • Practice organic lawn and garden care
  • Let your grass clippings fall
  • Mulch and reuse your autumn leaves
  • Top dress with compost before mulching with leaves or bark mulch
  • Mix in compost when planting, moving or renovating a garden
  • Water wisely

Common Composting Problems:

  • Animals? Avoid meat scraps, bury kitchen scraps
  • Low Temperature? Turn your pile, make it bigger, check your water to color ratio
  • Too Hot? Poke holes, decrease size, add brown
  • Nothing Decomposing? Check moisture level, add green
  • Smell? Ammonia smell: Add brown, Rotten smell: Turn pile, check for too much moisture
  • Flies? Fruit flies are OK, maggots mean there is a protein source; use only plant material-no meat, butter, or oil should be added